Helping Improve Cooperation, Teamwork,
and Performance Within Organizations.
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Why choose Alan Caron?
You want improved results.
With both Top Corporate Executive and Partner Level Consulting experience...Caron delivers

You want successful implementation of plans.
Caron uses a proven process based upon best practices that assures successful implementation of plans and sustained high performance.

You want buy-in and committed action from all stakeholders.
Caron's philosophy that stakeholders support what they help create provides the methods and tools.

Alan Caron is an experienced executive, entrepreneur, strategist...marketer, facilitator/coach, speaker and innovator. He has over 35 years of experience with a proven track record as both a top corporate executive and partner level management consultant. Alan works with CEOs and their management teams to improve cooperation, teamwork and organizational performance. He works with management teams on strategic and business planning, innovation, marketing and sales planning, and developing effective implementation strategies to create and sustain customer focused, high performance organizations. He is an expert in facilitating difficult and challenging meetings with groups ranging from Boards of Directors to front line employee teams. He is also a certified solutions provider for the QUADRED on-line Strategic Performance Assessments used by successful companies around the world to assess their management and leadership practices.

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Innovation
  • Business Plans
  • Marketing/Sales Plans
  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • Business Development
Strategic Plans That Work
  • more than a strategic plan that gets put on the shelf; instead, a strategic management system that drives your business day to day
  • addresses all strategic issues
  • insures leadership team and other stakeholder buy-in
  • utilizes best practices proven to achieve results
  • customized to fit with your existing processes


  • helps you get more out of the resources you have
  • closes the gap between increasing needs and decreasing resources
  • generate swift and continuous innovations throughout your organization
  • transfer the skills to continuously innovate at all levels and functions
  • applies to tasks, projects, plans, new products and services
  • use with individuals, teams, departments, business units or across the organization
Business Plans
  • all elements of the Strategic Plans above plus...
  • full documentation needed to launch a new business, reposition an existing business, or launch a new product or service
  • experience across a wide range of businesses including energy, services, education, software, e-commerce, manufacturing, consulting, telecom, wireless communications, associations, public entities
Marketing and Sales Plans
  • extensive experience in launching new products and services
  • both managed and developed marketing, sales, and customer service organizations
  • all the tools and techniques necessary to increase the probability of success using the latest best practices
Change Management
  • a complete, proven best practices system to successfully introduce, manage and implement change
Leadership Development
  • proven tools and techniques to enhance leadership skills
  • alliances with world class associates to fulfill any requirements
Seminars and Workshops
  • on all the above subjects

  • using Adult Learning Theory

  • customized to meet client needs

  • an outstanding speaker, teacher and facilitator
Venture Capital
Caron also assists select smaller firms and start-up clients to raise venture capital through his network of venture capital firms.
On-line Assessment and tools
Caron has a variety of on-line assessment tools available. He is also a certified solutions provider for QUADRED, online business alignment and best practices assessment tools covering all areas of business. The program enables executives to quickly and conveniently assess their organization's performance in relation to over 117 best practices in a matter of hours - not days or weeks. This web enabled assessment mines, maps and reports organizational data against 30 business disciplines, in a fraction of the time of the historical manual process.
A Specialist In Business Development
Alan Caron has a proven business development track record in the energy, wireless communications and interactive services and related industries. Many times he is asked to provide business development assistance for business plans or marketing/sales plans he has helped create. He has established many successful alliances.
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